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ИНФОРМАЦИЯ ДЛЯ ПАРТНЕРОВ/Information for Partners [32]
Methods for cooperation with us. Возможные методы сотрудничества с нами.
Для Предпринимателей и ПРомышленников Туркменистана! [46]
Предприниматели Туркменистана, Компании Туркменистана, Фирмы Туркменистана, Общества Туркменистана, Предприятия Туркменистана. Мы знаем, что Вы любите свой Бизнес!
Advertising in Turkmenistan/Реклама в Туркменистане [18]
Реклама в Туркменистане. Вы ищете место, где разместить Рекламу своей компании (фирмы, корпорации, организации), чтобы найти деловых партнеров в Туркменистане? Advertising in Turkmenistan. You search for a place where to place Advertising the company (firm, corporation, organizations) to find business partners in Turkmenistan?
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    Главная » 2010 » Ноябрь » 7 » Seeking a partner in Turkmenistan!
    Seeking a partner in Turkmenistan!

    Seeking a partner in Turkmenistan!

    We are looking for partners in Turkmenistan for business cooperation in the field of advertising and marketing business. We invite interested companies to joint projects.

    That we, in turn, can offer?

    Juggernaut energy in the search for advertisers, including e-mail newsletter, create a special Web site, distribution of brochures and handouts (flyers) for all organizations, not only the capital city of Ashgabat, but in all regions of Turkmenistan!

    In addition, we have an opportunity for interested organizations to carry out an individual approach to project implementation. Even such as conducting an "aggressive" advertising campaign in blogs and the blogosphere!

    Conclude a treaty with the media to publish the advertisement (on the orders of advertisers) in such newspapers or magazines. Searches Including advertisers not only Turkmen companies, but also from abroad. For foreign companies have limitations on the publication of advertisements in the Turkmen media, so the best option - is to conclude a treaty with them on joint cooperation and to advertise his own name, but completely specifying the information the customer!

    And it's not all! For more details, of course, are better discussed in person!

    What do we need?

    First of all, looking for "Founder" of the future of the enterprise (company) or an entrepreneur who is ready to conclude a contract of employment. In addition, we are not very demanding on the percentage of our wages.

    Respond if you (are interested), please send an e-mail info@turkmencompany.com  suggestions or questions.

    If you are a visitor not from Turkmenistan, but want to open a representative office (branch) in Turkmenistan and to work on the above, we will be happy to discuss all the nuances of cooperation on the future of the company! In this case, please write, e-mail info@turkmenshop.ru.

    Thanks in advance!

    All are waiting on our website http://turkmenbusiness.n4.biz

    Phone number in Turkmenistan (99365) 672880.

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